Meet the cast of The Bigger Bang.

(In alphabetical order)

Monica Dunne

The voice of “Doc,” Monica has been involved with Oakville Improv for six years.

Bradley Ellis

Bradley came into this world the hard way. Born the bastard son of an immigrant improvisor, he was brought up on the mean streets of Windsor,  Ontario. His object work had to develop quickly as he was often in fights where he needed to improvise weapons that were believable to his opponents. He quickly rose through the ranks of anonymity to reach the pinnacle of obscurity that he sits atop today. Bradley now uses the immense fortune that improv has afforded him to fund his true passion – real estate. His hope is to one day be able to retire from improv and focus solely on helping people find properties. A boy can dream, can’t he?

Catherine Henry

Catherine has been performing with Oakville Improv for more than six years. The Bigger Bang is her first foray into podcasting.

Amy McKenzie

Amy is a writer and actor who was part of the writing and performance team for five seasons of the television show History Bites, and a writer/associate producer for the televised and improv-based Train 48. She is currently artistic and general manager of Oakville Improv Theatre Company.Amy was one of the founders of Oakville Improv Theatre Company, and is currently the group’s artistic director, controlling the group in much the same way that her character IRIS controls the ship.

Duncan McKenzie

Duncan is a comedy writer and producer, who has worked on such Canadian TV shows as History Bites (over 100 episodes) and Train 48 (over 300 episodes).

Christine Pillman

Christine Pillman has been improvising with Oakville Improv Theatre Company for nearly a decade. She says that the character of Meredith is exactly who she would be if she had any ambition or drive whatsoever. The Bigger Bang is her first podcast.

David Raitt

David Raitt is an alumnus of The Second City Toronto’s National Touring Company and Mainstage Ensemble, where he performed in 11 sketch & improv revues. The Bigger Bang is his first podcast appearance. He’s been cranky and interested in science for most of his life, which suits him perfectly for the role of Professor Feynstein.

Robin Sadavoy

Robin, who plays Sue Jelly, has performed with Oakville Improv for nearly ten years, appearing in most of the company’s shows, as well as writing and producing shows for other companies. She has so far managed to avoid being kicked by a donkey.